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If you are looking for outside educational opportunities like co-ops, athletics, art, music, 4-H and other clubs, this is the list you want to check out.


H.E.A.T. hosts several events annually and schedules all the activities at the LFAC, affectionately known as the Homeschool Hideout.


There are many resources available to the homeschool community. We have gathered local, state and national links all in one place.

Frequently Asked Questions

H.E.A.T. exists to encourage homeschool families to have confidence to teach their own at home, and as an opportunity for homeschool parents to network with each other for support. H.E.A.T. also serves to promote communication of vital and legal information among home schooling families.

Members not only have access to endless resources and legal assistance, but also receive a Teacher Membership Card which qualifies for discounts at several stores and online websites. Members also have full FREE access to our Recreational Facility whenever it is available, due to a gracious H.E.A.T. donor. Other discounts include free admission to our annual picnics, spelling bee, homeschool convention and possibly more.

An Annual Family Membership is only $20. There is a simple form to fill out and you can make arrangements to pay cash or check. If you wish to save time and pay online, please send $20.00 to @wfheat via Venmo or heathomeschoolwf@gmail.com via PayPal.

H.E.A.T. exists to provide encouragement, support with resources, fellowship, and group learning activities to all persons or families who desire to home school their children or be involved in home school support.

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